Sold out and an incredible community growth

Pre-sale 1 sells out in 85 secs! NFS discord hits 38,000 members!

Hey everyone! What a week it has been! The pre-sale 1 sold out in 85 seconds! We did not anticipate such a high demand for all the NFTs the first pre-sale, and we understand many people were left disappointed who were not able to mint. However, we can assure you that everyone who was whitelisted but missed out on the pre-sale 1, will have another opportunity to mint at the original pre-sale 1 price of 0.1 ETH. Our team is 100% committed to meticulously checking that all whitelisted wallets will be able to mint.

3 AMAs and over 38,000 members in Discord!

This week we held 3 separate AMAs featuring the star and director of the Non-fungible Story, Álvaro Morte and Koldo Serra. During our AMAs this week, Álvaro Morte talked about his experience discovering this new world of NFTs, and how he was deeply impressed by the spirit of the NFS discord community. We already have over 38,000 members in our discord — this is amazing! It’s like a digital amphitheatre of expression. If you haven’t already joined the revolution, this new movement, you can do so here:

NFS is lighting up!

As will be unveiled in time, the NFS will be a legendary story about saving the cultural soul of our planet. For such an ambitious project, we are bringing together all types of cultural icons and integrating them with the NFTs to create a new form of art.

The first chapter is here, featuring Álvaro Morte’s iconic NFT collection. All relevant information and the minting schedule can be viewed in the NFS discord channel and on the Non-fungible Story’ (NFS) website. As we’ve talked about before, some holders of Álvaro’s NFTs will have the opportunity to experience personalised interactions with him, including meetings, zoom calls, VIP passes to private events as well as the chance to act as executive producers of the NFS. Earlier this week Álvaro announced on his own Instagram that everyone who gets at least 2 NFTs will be able to talk with him! What an incredible opportunity!

This week the Non-fungible Story twitter account uploaded a set of tutorial videos explaining how to go about minting your first Olyver NFT. In case you missed it, the simple three step process can be viewed below:

The NFS games go viral!

As you might have seen on your twitter feed this week, the NFS games have already begun! This week, we announced the first winner in our series of games. Congratulations to username @alvaromortemx! There will be many more games to come, and more opportunities to connect with Álvaro! We want to create the most fan-centric NFT project in the world, with many unique utilities.

This is the energy and enthusiasm we were talking about, this is what will drive us forward. We want to make artistic expression accessible to the world, so everyone can be a creator, everyone can tell a story.

Also, fans will be able to influence the direction of the NFS storytelling using OLY — opening the door to unprecedented levels of fan participation in the history of art. We will be unveiling full details about exciting new OLY utilities for the NFS, such as discounts, white lists, voting rights and staking options to impact the narrative direction, and more.

For more information go to or join our discord:

We hope you’re ready to be entertained! Please keep a close eye on our official social media channels, telegram channel and discord channel for the latest updates and developments. Of course, if you have any questions about the Non-fungible Story, feel free to reach out to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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Olyverse is the cultural revolution metaverse of Olyseum — bringing stars and fans closer through digital assets.

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Olyverse by Olyseum

Olyverse by Olyseum

Olyverse is the cultural revolution metaverse of Olyseum — bringing stars and fans closer through digital assets.

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