Progress update Sept’21: Get ready for the NFT meta-collection!

Hey Oly community!

It has been a busy couple of months, and our team has been working incessantly as we approach our NFT meta-collection launch. Today we wanted to provide an important update on our plans, and to let you know that the launch is right around the corner!

While we acknowledge how frustrating delays can be, we want to make sure everything is water-tight before we unveil our ecosystem to the world, particularly when we’re setting the table for what will be the world’s first storyboard-based NFT meta-collection.

You heard correctly. Storyboard-based NFT meta-collection featuring a range of top stars! Since we have an unrivalled (and expanding) network of global icons from a wide variety of industries, we have a unique opportunity to create a compelling and enduring NFT narrative that fans can follow and be part of! Our new web-page provides an idea as to what you can expect from our meta-collection and our high-level roadmap!

Olyverse metacollection: A non-fungible story

In this Olyverse meta-collection, each star will have their own collection of NFTs which will contribute to the overall storyboard. The narrative will be based on a continuously evolving story in which each new collection provides a new chapter. The meta-collection will also facilitate a gamified user experience with stars.

This narrative model is firmly aligned with our ambition to create the virtual ‘Coliseum’ of fan engagement, where fans can watch the drama and pageantry play out in a native metaverse. The Olyverse will play host to a ‘first-in-the-world’ style periodical NFT storyboard, in which new stars will be unveiled like the cast of a television series. Our meta-collection of stars’ NFTs will be the ‘collection of collections’, and with a wide selection to choose from, fans can aggregate their own NFT collections and earn exclusive experiences with their favourite stars and access unique utilities in our metaverse.

Keep a close eye on our official social media channels regarding the upcoming date for our first NFT collection drop! Once the drop is live, make sure to connect your Metamask, stake your claim in the first set of star assets, and grab at least one of the unique experiential and special (you will know why) NFTs on offer!

Partnerships signed with global artists and visual innovators

Over the past number of months, Olyseum’s Stars, Brands & Partnerships Division, along with the rest of our team, has been working round-the-clock liaising with global icons, artists and prospective partners who share our vision to take the world of fan engagement to the next (meta) level. The ink is barely dry on some incredible new contracts, all of which will be revealed in due course. Soon we’ll be sharing very exciting news regarding strategic partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned artists and visual innovators who will play an integral role in bringing our NFT storyboard to life!

Additionally, our dedicated creator team will be guiding the NFT strategies of worldwide stars from start-to-finish, comprising content development and market launch.

Once again, sincere thanks for your patience and continued support.

We are SO CLOSE, and we ask that you continue to follow our social media channels and our official telegram channel for up-to-the-minute updates.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards,

Carlos Grenoir.

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