Phase 2 begins! Introducing our token vesting roadmap

Following the success of our utility token launch in February, the Olyseum ecosystem has gone from strength to strength, with the introduction of new stars, new partnerships, and new wallet integrations.

Phase 1, completed

We are delighted with the growth in this ‘phase 1’, which has been enabled by a supportive and engaged community. Today marks one month since our token listing on the Uniswap decentralized exchange, and we have achieved a lot in such a short period, including, but not limited to:

OLY Iniesta’s Instagram
OLY Uniswap
OLY Oxis
OLY Monedero
OLY Coinmarketcap & Coingecko
OLY Bilaxy
OLY MotoGP Jorge partnership
OLY Jorge, Eneko
OLY Probit

Phase 2, new challenges

In the background, the Olyseum team, in conjunction with a number of our leading contributors, have been working on a tight list of proposals to ensure the transition from phase 1 to phase 2 is as seamless as possible, and ties in with the long term objectives of the platform.

Liquidity event, Mining programs, CEX & Marketing

To greatly mitigate the risk of this scenario playing out, we propose a number of solutions that we believe will create a new market equilibrium, based on circulating supply. This methodical, gradual approach will be three-fold:

  • 3.2) The proliferation of high-profile advertising spots in conjunction with Olystars.
  • 3.3) Branding under the direction of our new Head of Communications (to be officially announced in coming weeks).

Token vesting roadmap

As part of our comprehensive plan to ensure a healthy cadence of token unlocking, we have developed a carefully thought out token vesting schedule.

  • Other allocations (ex: Stars, Marketing, …) are vested into the future where they receive a lump sum in a “cliff” and then are linearly vested block-by-block for a longer period of time (see the below table for details).
  • All participants will confirm their Ethereum address and will be able to withdraw their vested allocation at any time post unlock day from a vesting vault.
  • A liquidity bootstrapping event will be held after the unlock day to facilitate a capital injection into an automated market maker (Uniswap).
  • Several NFT auctions may take place shortly after, where OLY tokens will be utilized for proprietary access and sale.

Emission charts

Vesting Tranches
Token Splits
Vesting Schedule
Token Emission

Building our shared ecosystem: Block by block

Much like how the colosseum in Rome wasn’t built in one day, the growth of the Olyseum ecosystem will be block by block. All of us are working on the same vision, with the same goals. We have come very far together, and I’m excited to see where we can go, together!

A star-led virtual social engagement platform for fans, stars and brands to trade experiential NFTs, live experiences and monetize audiences in a metaverse.