Olyseum coming to Miami for metacollection launch!

Hi Oly community! We hope you’re staying safe in these winter months, and getting ready to be entertained! We are on the cusp of introducing the world’s first Non-fungible Story (NFS) — our native NFT metacollection, and wanted to provide an important update on our roadmap this week.

The NFS is nearly here!

The news broke on Twitter this week about our upcoming trip to Miami, where we’re super excited to unveil details around our NFT metacollection, our ‘Non-fungible Story’ (NFS). A Director of a critically-acclaimed and well-known TV series will create the art for our metacollection, and direct the overarching narrative that will feature NFT collections from world-renowned stars, athletes and entertainment icons.

So, next week, members of the Olyseum team will be attending Miami Art Week! The first look at our Non-fungible Story (NFS) will take place at an exclusive, invite-only event for whales at E11EVEN nightclub at 7pm EST on Wednesday December 1st, at an interactive gallery hosted by Vault-721 for Art Basel Miami. During the event, we will unveil the first NFT of our Non-fungible Story, featuring an award-winning and well known actor from a critically-acclaimed series.

With our expanding network of global icons from a multitude of disciplines, we have the foundations in place to deliver a compelling and enduring NFT narrative that fans can follow and participate in. Keep a close eye on our official social media channels for details on our first NFT collection drop, to claim your piece of the first set of star assets!

Additionally, very soon we’ll be unveiling some strategic partnerships involving some of the world’s most celebrated visual innovators — hand-selected to bring our NFT storyboard to life!

Each star collection will serve as an individual ‘chapter’, in the overall NFT storyboard. Fans will be able to influence the direction of the metacollection script using OLY — Olyseum’s native utility token — opening the door for unprecedented and unexplored avenues of fan engagement. Episodes will be made up of 6 segments, each including a part of the script as well as an original sketch drawn by the director, along with his script notes.

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank everyone for reading, and for your continued support as we get ready to take fan engagement to the meta level. Please follow our social media channels and our official telegram channel for the latest updates and developments. We also encourage everyone to reach out to support@olyseum.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. See you in Olywood!

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