Full transcript: Olyseum CEO Carlos Grenoir — Live AMA with Decentralized Club

AMA — Carlos Grenoir, Olyseum CEO

Our CEO Carlos Grenoir recently took part in a live AMA hosted by Decentralized Club — engaging with their massive community of Telegram users. Carlos addressed a wide range of topics, from our upcoming platform launch, star recruitment plans, and unique features linked to xNFTs! In case you missed it, we’ve compiled the full transcript from the session, which you can read below!

May (host): Hello Carlos! Ready for your AMA?

Carlos: Hi everyone! Happy to be here with our Decentralized Club famOly. Before I start answering your questions, feel free to join our official telegram channel: https://t.me/olyseum

Everyone is welcome!

May: Great! Let’s begin.

May: Hello, Hola, नमस्ते, 大家好, Selamat! My name is May and I’ll be hosting the AMA with Olyseum. Today, we have with us the CEO of Olyseum. You’re welcome and it’s an honor to have you here.

Carlos: Thanks for the introduction, May! Delighted to be here.

May: We’re glad to have you! Could you quickly tell us more about yourself and your job description at Olyseum?

Carlos: Sure. Olyseum is what we call a star-led, virtual social engagement platform, enabling fans and brands to trade and rent experiential Non-fungible Tokens (xNFTs) in a native metaverse.

I serve as CEO, and founded the company alongside Kevin Mitnick, Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Ivan De La Peña… we wanted to create a platform that brings fans and stars closer together, and reward fans for their participation in the celebrity economy.

May: Awesome! Let’s head straight to the introductory questions.

May: Q1. Can you briefly describe what Olyseum is? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

Carlos: Absolutely. As mentioned above, Olyseum is a star-led platform creating opportunities for meaningful, authentic interactions between fans and stars.

Our expanding roster of stars are aligned on a common mission to bring experiential NFTs into the market, something we are really excited about!

Olyseum is simple: an experiential world for stars and fans, through NFTs and events in a cool VR environment.

May: Q2. What are the main features that distinguish the Olyseum platform from other NFT-based crypto projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Carlos: The strength and depth of our star roster sets us apart, and recruitment is ongoing. We have stars from a wide range of verticals: sports, fashion, culinary arts, Moto, film, but this list will continue to grow.

As another key distinguishing feature, May: we have created a new breed of NFT the experiential NFT, or xNFT. I think most fans would probably agree that historically, having a real life moment of interaction, or in-person experience with an idol is very rare. At Olyseum, we want to change that.

This ‘star power’ is what drives us forward, and we are always on the look-out for like minded global icons who want to elevate the fan-star relationship.

And, of course, we have an environment to create these experiences, our metaverse: a growing space for stars and fans to live experiences through our smart assets!

Good question, thanks!

May: Whoa! I want to know more about the xNFT and the experience it provides.There are quite a few questions lined up to that effect.

Carlos: Excellent!

May: Let’s take Question 3️⃣ Q3. Could you tell us about OlyVerse and the progress of the international tour for the Olyseum platform?

Carlos: Sure, no problem. The Olyverse will be our signature product, and progress is being made everyday as we approach our live date.

At the moment I can’t get into specifics about the ecosystem features or expansion plans, but in the next several weeks, it will be clear for all to see! A multiverse, exclusivity, experiences, events, virtual social commerce, and of course, stars and fans.

May: It’s alright! We will wait patiently.

Carlos: It will be a new reality for fan engagement, May.

May: Awesome 😎

May: Q4. How do we acquire the $OLY token and from an investment standpoint, why is it important to hold the token?

Carlos: Before we talk about where to buy, it is important to note that OLY is not an investment tool. It is a utility token.

It provides access to exclusive experiences and events, and allows us to reward fans’ engagement through gamification.

Fans can purchase OLY on the Gate.io exchange, Uniswap, as well as on Probit (and much more coming…) In terms of importance and utility, let’s put it like this:

Just like fans fuel the celebrity economy, OLY tokens fuel fan engagement in our soon to be launched Olyverse. OLY will be our gateway between everyday fans and their favourite icons.

Remember what I said about experiential NFTs (our xNFTs)? These will be purchasable in OLY and can also be traded and rented. Thanks for asking!

May: That’s amazing. Use case looks strong!

Carlos: Thanks 😊

May: Before I ask the final question for this segment, I would like to know if you are a sports player yourself? 😁

Carlos: Hahaha well I’m a neuroscientist and engineer, does that count as a sport?

But I have huge respect and admiration for all sports stars, for the sacrifice they make, their dedication, passion, the commitment.

May: ​​Mental sport, yes 😁

Carlos: :-)

May: Yes! We celebrate sports stars (and scientist-engineers) in this house! 😁

Carlos: Good to hear!

May: Q5. What should we expect from your roadmap in this second half of 2021?

Carlos: Good question. The second half of 2021 will be defined by the launch of the Olyverse.

This will become the destination of choice for fans keen to explore innovative new interactions with stars, and the platform of choice for stars keen to make their crypto debut in a secure, star-led environment.

Additionally, soon we will begin dropping our experiential NFTs with stars, making them available to interested parties, and fans can expect unique events and assets tied into these xNFT launches as well. It will be a very busy period, but we’re really excited!!

May: I was going to ask how I can get an autograph but I guess that’s why the xNFTs exist 😅

Carlos: Haha you got it, May! we will lead this trend.

May: I can see it! 😎

May: Let’s speed things up a bit with the questions from Twitter.

May: Q1. Do you have special channels were basic users interact with the stars or would it be a social network?

Carlos: Yes, we are introducing exclusive digital venues for fan-star interactions, and of course, the olyverse environment will be home to special experiences. Specific details will be revealed in due course, so stay tuned! Thanks for the question!

May: Q2. How do you plan to engage with the non-Spain crypto/star enthusiasts? So far it seems heavily leaning towards targeting just Spain?

Carlos: Good point. Between our co-founders’ respective networks, my network, and the wide network of our Advisory Board, we have direct channels to a range of global stars, and stars who want to make their crypto debut in a secure, star-led environment.

Earlier this year we created a new Stars, Brands & Partnerships department, focused on star/brand acquisitions.

We are actively talking with a range of non-Spanish stars and we look forward to adding many of them to our roster! It will be an exciting year.

May: Awesome! 😎

May: Q3. What incentives in the form of EXPERIENCES, as you call them, are attached to holding an xNFT or xNFT Pro?

Carlos: Olyseum’s experiential NFTs (xNFTs) will be blockchain-authenticated and will include rights for holders to have highly sought after experiences with stars, such as video calls, in-person interactions, access to exclusive memorabilia, to VIP spaces and events in our multiverse and very importantly… the chance to leverage stars’ reach via joint social media publications.

May: Great answers so far! Let’s now take some questions from our website community.

Carlos: Sure!

May: Q1. Please explain the relationship between xNFTs and the $OLY token? What business model or utility binds them and how do they contribute to OlyVerse?

Carlos: Thanks for asking. I’ve probably mentioned some of this earlier in the AMA, but the main utilities of the OLY token are two-fold:

1. providing access to exclusive experiential content (xNFTs, events)

2. the reward system (based on participation and gamification)

Once we start growing our user base following our upcoming ecosystem launch, we will start focusing on increasing the demand to allow more and more fans to get closer to their stars.

xNFTs will be purchasable in OLY and can also be traded and rented. The most exclusive experiences will be accessible via OLY tokens!

May: Awesome answer! Another question here from the same user above.

May: Q2. In your whitepaper, you stated that your target market is “Late Crypto Adopters” for the xNFT marketplace launch. Could you please explain why they are your target demographic?

Carlos: Sure. They are definitely one of our target demographics. These might be people who have yet to fully embrace or explore crypto in any meaningful way.

For some in this category, the involvement of global stars from different verticals (sports, music, fashion, film, youtubers) could be the impetus for getting involved in the Olyseum platform and crypto in general.

As we’ve seen, global icons can really drive trends forward among fans, but also among fellow stars, and we want to be the destination of choice for both fans and stars to debut in the crypto space, in a safe, collaborative (and supercool) environment.

May: Great motive!

May: Q3. What are the criteria for OlyStars or creators to be influencers on your platform? Additionally, how can users partake in the xNFT experience on Olyseum?

Carlos: Thanks for the question!

We are creating a roster of stars that is cross-vertical, meaning we have global superstars from the world of motoGP, fashion, culinary arts, music, YouTube, football and other sports.

We are looking for like minded global icons who want to get closer to their fans, and create opportunities for authentic experiences. It is important that prospective stars believe in our vision. So we evaluate their star reach, their desire to participate in the platform, and commitment to be part of the xNFT movement, of our Oly club.

As you know now, soon we’ll be making xNFTs available for purchase through OLY, our native utility token. Depending on the content of the xNFT, whether it includes in-person experiences or virtual ones, once the xNFT is purchased, holders will receive a comprehensive overview of how to avail of the experiences within.

May: Beautiful, detailed, impressive answers! So glad to be hosting this interview. We’re almost rounding up this session. It’s time for our live audience to shoot us some pressing questions. Ready?

Carlos: Sure, there are A LOT of good questions, i will pick 4 good ones (sorry for the rest, we are always happy to assess on our channel (t.me/olyseum).

Q: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project. Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around you in non-crypto space?

Carlos: ​​Yeah absolutely, we want to bring non-crypto investors into the fold, just like we want to bring non-crypto stars and non-crypto fans into our ecosystem. ​​In terms of how we achieve this, a major contributing factor will be our steady roadmap of announcements, showcasing the strength and depth of our star roster — showcasing the long term vision to investors. This is what they care about.

Q: Many projects take advantage of the influence and visibility of some artists without any right to their content. Can you tell us how Olyseum benefits and protects the stars? What kind of influencers can apply to your platform?

Carlos: First, our company was created by me and by some already well-known stars, being co-founders and shareholders. Besides this, we are and will be signing agreements with stars which gives them full visibility over the scope of their involvement in the platform. They will know exactly what to expect, and will be in a position to monetize their star power in new and profound ways. In terms of who can apply, as I mentioned above, stars from all disciplines who care about their fans are welcome to apply. We want to see a synergy between the star and their fanbase.

May: 2️⃣ more questions to go 🎉

Q: Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Carlos: For one, we have the stars. Our unique roster will continue to grow in diversity, which will have a snowball effect in terms of attracting more stars (and brands/partnerships).

Secondly, the ‘experiential’ aspect to our NFTs is a major distinguishing factor. We have taken the NFT concept to the next level, in a way that is fundamentally grounded in our original vision — to bring fans and stars closer together.

Thirdly, and I don’t want to give too much away, but I think the Olyverse will be like nothing anyone has ever seen before. Truly a new reality for fan engagement. A simple concept, but a powerful environment for fans, stars and brands.

May: 1️⃣ more 😎

Q: Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Carlos: I would say

1. Empowering Platform Development

2. Building Community Trust

3. Expanding Partnership Globally

These are 3 core strands of focus, and are interconnected. Obviously driving our platform forward from a development perspective is a core priority, this is what we are bringing to the world. On top of that, instilling the principles of trust and security into the community is massively important. With those solid foundations, it makes life easier for our Stars, Brands & Partnerships department to do their excellent work!

Regarding the other point, we are not in the business of price speculation. We are focused on delivering a product with excellent utility, broadening our community and adding stars to our roster 💪

Q: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one?

Carlos: I agree. Ambassadors and telegram moderators are critical to the everyday functionality of a project. I would encourage any interested parties to send a resume to careers@olyseum.com — we will reach out to you if there is a suitable fit!

Q: Community serves as the backbone of all project, how vital do you consider the community to be in the success role of this project. How can we support and help this project to greater heights?

Carlos: I also agree with this sentiment. First of all, we invite you to join our official telegram channel, and follow us on all our social media channels as well. Keep an eye on us in the news, and get ready to join the Olyverse!

May: Aaaannnndddd it’s a wrap! 🎉

Carlos: Our channel has a dedicated team of moderators who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have! https://t.me/olyseum

May: Mucho gracias Mr. Grenoir, for your time with us today! It was amazing! Too bad I can’t get an autograph! I guess an xNFT will do the trick when I get mine 😁

Carlos: Haha muchas gracias a vosotros!

May: Do send our warm regards to the rest of the team at the Olyseum HQ! They’re all awesome!

Carlos: ​​Sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute today! And a special thanks to you May, you were a great host!

May: Until next time, enjoy the rest of your day!

Carlos: Best regards!

Thanks to the Decentralized Club for inviting us to take part in the live AMA, we hope it provided a useful insight into our platform! We greatly appreciate everyone taking the time to contribute to the session, we’re already looking forward to the next one! We encourage everyone to join our telegram group — we have a full-time team of moderators available to answer any questions you may have! Join here: https://t.me/olyseum. Thanks for reading!

As always, if you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to support@olyseum.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards,

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