Behind the Startup · Olyseum Advisor Spotlight: Gerald Heydenreich

Gerald Heydenreich

Olyseum’s star-studded Advisory Board comprises a team of serial entrepreneurs, global trailblazers, investment visionaries and technology thought leaders that have been hand-selected to guide Olyseum’s arc of growth now, and into the future.

With a diverse background and unrivalled success track-record, our esteemed Advisory Board is firmly aligned with Olyseum’s overarching mission to fundamentally change the landscape of fan engagement through experiential NFTs in our Olyverse.

Before we officially launch our platform in the coming weeks and enter growth mode with an xNFT factory and marketplace, experiences offerings, private spaces, Olyseum dreams and a VR space called the Olyverse, we’ll be interviewing members of our team to get their unique perspectives on what we’ve achieved so far, and what’s coming next.

Today we’re delighted to put the spotlight on one of our trusted advisors, Gerald Heydenreich, who has provided strategic counsel to the Olyseum leadership team over the past 18 months.

Gerald embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, having founded in 1998 the first European provider for B2B reverse online auction and sourcing events, Portum — at age 25.

His early career success helped him earn the Budding Entrepreneur Award from GrowthPlus for demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurial skills at a young age. After directing Portum to a trading volume of more than $12 billion USD, with offices throughout Europe and the US, Gerald sold the company to CapGemini / IBX in 2006.

Gerald then Co-founded BuyVIP in 2006, a leading European private sales club offering luxury brands at reduced prices in time limited campaigns. Having scaled the business to 350+ staff, $100+ million in revenue and growing its membership base to over 8 million users, he sold BuyVIP to Amazon in 2010.

In 2011 he founded Pippa&Jean, a social selling community geared towards empowering 100,000 women to start their own business, then in 2018 the cosmetics brand youtiful and in 2020 the marketplace for clean and sustainable products. Gerald has picked up numerous accolades over his decorated career to date, and was identified as one of the Top 100 German masterminds on e-business by German news magazine Wirtschaftswoche and The Financial Times.

We caught up with Gerald to get his thoughts on Olyseum’s success to date.

Q) Hey Gerald, thanks for taking the time to chat. Can you tell readers what first attracted you to Olyseum?

G: “Absolutely. I was inspired by the guiding vision of Carlos Grenoir and the leadership team to transform the world of fan engagement, and to help global stars from a variety of entertainment and sports verticals to connect with their fans in a more personal and dynamic way.

I’m firmly aligned with Olyseum’s spirit of community empowerment and rewards ecosystem for fans, who, let’s be honest, are the centerpiece of the celebrity economy.”

Q) In your opinion, what is Olyseum’s unique value proposition?

G: “I believe Olyseum has all the right ingredients to be a leading player in the NFT space. Carlos has been on the forefront of this movement, building a strong platform for fan-star engagement. He was thinking of NFT‘s before the term was coined and has managed to assemble an impressive roster of stars.

With the launch of our new xNFT platform this quarter, Olyseum will have a significant impact on the burgeoning NFT space and the Multiverse. I’ve seen the expansive list of new stars that are in the pipeline and am looking forward to an exciting period of growth over the coming months.”

Q) Where do you see Olyseum in the next 2 years?

G: “I see a thriving ecosystem of fans and stars interacting in new and profound ways, with a strong community ethos ensuring the highest levels of engagement and transparency.

I envision xNFTs becoming the main driver of crypto adoption, the tool to reward social activity among the community through OLY-based incentivisation, and the gateway to access star power for promotional activities.

I see a big opportunity to empower start-ups by giving them access to star reach in exchange for equity via the xNFT‘s that we are launching. This part really excites me and I want to focus on it to bring all my network and experience and help the guys.

There will also be a strong business case for brands incorporating our xNFTs into their promotional budgets.”

Be sure to keep an eye on our official social media accounts as we publish additional interviews with members of our team over the coming weeks, ahead of our highly anticipated platform launch.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading!

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